State Engineer’s Final Order on Well Spacing Regulations

(State of WY Engineers)

For the most current information, visit the State Engineers website link above, and scroll to the bottom of the page to “News & Press Releases”.

The State Engineer’s office announced an order effective April 1, 2015.  To read a copy of the order, click State Engineer’s Order.  To see a copy of the Laramie County Control Area Map, click LCCA Map.

District Services

Laramie County Conservation District offers irrigation pump tests.  Well water level monitoring and draw down tests using both sonic meter and sounder methods.  The sonic method can be used in a domestic setting since there are no issues with contamination.  If you are interested in having your well tested, call the office at 772-2600 to schedule a time.

The District also has WDA groundwater quality test kits available at the office, and can help with result interpretations.

“Know Your Well”

Homeowners in Wyoming are responsible for monitoring and maintaining their domestic wells.  “Know Your Well” is a website developed by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality providing information for homeowners about their water wells.  The Laramie County Conservation District is a resource for landowners who have questions about their water.

DEQ- Sampling & Testing Water Wells in Areas of Oil & Gas Development
Niobrara Shale Development – Water Quality Questions and Answers
USGS Groundwater-Quality Monitoring Network


USGS Publications for the High Plains Aquifer in Laramie County

Groundwater Quality of Southeastern Wyoming (815 KB fact sheet)
USGS Fact Sheet 2011-3160: Groundwater Quality of Southeastern Wyoming.
If you have trouble downloading, click here to access USGS Publications website.

High Plains Aquifer in Laramie County (8.4 MB map)
USGS Scientific Investigations Map 3180: Generalized Potentiometric Surface, Estimated Depth to Water, and Estimated Saturated Thickness of the High Plains Aquifer System, March – June 2009, Laramie County, Wyoming.
If you have trouble downloading, click here to access USGS Publications website.

Laramie County Aquifer Study

There is concern over the impacts growth and development are having on the aquifers underlying Laramie County.  Due to this concern, the Laramie County Commissioners have requested a study of the aquifers underlying Laramie County in an effort to provide them with guidance in the management of groundwater resources.  This aquifer study will produce a Laramie County Groundwater Atlas and an Aquifer Management System.  The study will analyze the historic and current condition of the aquifers in Laramie County.  This information will be organized in report and atlas form to present existing data and identify data that is needed to develop an Aquifer Management System.  The final report will suggest a design for the Aquifer Management System and describe the methods to complete the system.

This study is administered through the Wyoming Water Development Office in Cheyenne.  The consultants working on the study are JR Engineering from Greenwood Village, Colorado and Lidstone and Associates, Inc from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Click here to access the Executive Summary for the Laramie County Aquifer Study

Click here to access the Final Report for the Laramie County Aquifer Study

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