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Board of Supervisors 

The Conservation District is governed by a 5-member elected board of supervisors. The Board members are elected on the General Election.  The Board members serve 4-year terms

and represent urban, rural and at large areas. 


Tom Farrell

Vice Chairman, Urban  Representative

Oversight of Administration of Conservation 


Ann Sanchez

Chairman, Rural  Representative

Oversight of Public Outreach of Conservation 


Jay Berry 

Secretary, Rural Representative

Oversight of Forestry Conservation 

Term of office: 2021-2024


Kevin Wells

Treasurer, Rural Representative

Oversight of Wildlife & Range Conservation & Employee  Liaison 

Term of office: 2021-2024

Term of office: 2023-2026


Casey Epler 

At-Large Representative 

Oversight of Water Conservation

Term of office: 2021-2024

Term of office: 2023-2026


Jim Cochran 

Associate Supervisor 

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