Water Program

Laramie County Conservation District Water Specialist: Jeff Geyer, email- [email protected], or call the District Office at 307-772-2600. The purpose of the District’s Water Program is to conserve, enhance and sustain Laramie County’s surface and groundwater resources through the promotion of healthy watersheds and sustainable use of water supplies

Surface water is addressed through watershed planning, involvement in Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development and recommendations for Best Management Practices (BMPs) for water quality and stormwater runoff. Groundwater resources have been a concern in Laramie County since the 1970s.  The District cooperates with other agencies regarding management of aquifer resources and provides public outreach on water quality testing. Conserving water, regardless of its source, is a way of life in the arid West.  Simple changes in the home and on the land can help sustain water resources for future generations. Click on each of the following links to go to their corresponding pages: Surface Water, Groundwater, and Water Conservation.

Water documents from Laramie County Conservation District: water quality data reports, watershed plans, BMP fact sheets, septic maintenance and more.

USGS Publications for the High Plains Aquifer in Laramie County

Groundwater Quality of Southeastern Wyoming (815 KB fact sheet)
USGS Fact Sheet 2011-3160: Groundwater Quality of Southeastern Wyoming.
If you have trouble downloading, click here to access USGS Publications website.

High Plains Aquifer in Laramie County (8.4 MB map)
USGS Scientific Investigations Map 3180: Generalized Potentiometric Surface, Estimated Depth to Water, and Estimated Saturated Thickness of the High Plains Aquifer System, March – June 2009, Laramie County, Wyoming.
If you have trouble downloading, click here to access USGS Publications website.

Best Management Practices for Water Quality
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