Laramie County Conservation District Education:  LCCD staff is available for assistance.  Please call the District Office at 307-772-2600.

Materials for Teachers!
The District has materials from Wyoming Ag in the Classroom for water quality and conservation, animal tracking & habitat, soil, rocks, minerals, insects, trees, plants, crops and a variety of other topics.  The materials are available to teachers and youth group leaders.  Please contact the District if you are interested.

Classroom Education

The District has developed a natural resources education curriculum. All programs have been created to meet state standards and include an interactive approach toward conservation, explaining the relationships among soils, water, vegetation, and wildlife as affected by agriculture, industry, recreation and development. The following are just a few of the resources and programs that we have available:


  • Tracks/Skulls/Furs – These items and programs can be used to teach many ecological processes such as predator/prey relations, habitats, food web-food chain and carrying capacity.


  • Skulls and Furs – These tools can be used to demonstrate and teach students about animal adaptations that enhance their survival in the environment.

Structure and Function:

  • Insect kit – this kit can be used to teach the structure, behavior and life cycle of insects as well as habitat requirements.
  • Tree kit – this kit can be used to teach about the life cycle and age of trees.

Earth and Space:

  • Soil Kit (Demonstrate properties of soil) – this kit includes moisture meter, soil test kit, soil class tube and soil profile tube.
  • Rock and Mineral Collection
  • Stream Simulation Trailer – can be used to demonstrate a variety of stream dynamics and riparian habitats.
  • Orienteering Kit – use compasses, maps and GPS units to teach mapping and orienteering skills.
  • Ground Water Model – use this model to teach students about groundwater, surface water, watersheds and water quality, as well as soil properties.
  • Enviroscape Model – can be used to teach about non point and point source pollution, runoff and the importance of clean water.
  • Water Quality Kits – can be used to teach students about water quality and perform water testing.

Youth Activities & Events

The District’s staff participates in various youth activities, including:

  • Summer School Programs
  • Outdoor Education Programs
  • City Forestry Tree Jamboree
  • Earth Day Celebration
  • Natural Resource Educational Programs at the Paul Smith Children’s Village
  • Wyoming Ag in the Classroom Festival
  • Laramie County Cowbelles Ag Expo
  • Any other activity that the District is requested to assist with

If your group would like assistance from the Conservation District staff for any youth activity, please call (307) 772-2600.

Science Fairs

Conservation District staff members are active in judging local science fairs.  The District also sponsors the Laramie County Conservation District Natural Resources Awards for outstanding natural resource science fair projects at the District Science Fair.

If you would like assistance with judging a science fair or a science fair project, please contact the District at (307) 772-2600.

Youth Awards

In addition to the Awards presented at District Science Fair, and the cash awards for 1st place in each category of our Local Stewardship Poster Contest, the District provides scholarships of to $250.00/student or teacher in Laramie County to attend a board approved workshop; i.e.-Project Learning Tree (PLT) Workshops, Wyoming Resource Education Days (WyRED), Teton Science Schools (TSS), and Wyoming Ag in the Classroom Events.

Since 2012, the District has been the sponsor for Awards at the Annual State FFA Convention’s Environmental & Natural Resources Contest.

Wyoming Resource Education Days (WyRED)

WyRED is a camp held annually in various locations throughout Wyoming. During the camp, students are educated by resource professionals from state and federal agencies as well as private landowners, on a variety of natural resource-related topics including plant id/anatomy, soils, range evaluation, and stocking rates for wildlife & livestock. At the end of the camp, teams from all over Wyoming compete for prizes in the traditional State Range Judging Contest.

For more information on these programs, please contact the District at (307) 772-2600

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