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Living Snow Fences & Windbreaks  


Tree Care & Management

Seedling Trees 

The Conservation District provides free technical assistance to design a windbreak for your property. In addition, the District provides consultations as requested to determine tree health concerns for Laramie County residents. For windbreak design assistance, call Dale Beranek at 772-2600, or e-mail to schedule an appointment.

Planning your own windbreak? Here are some tips to follow. 

Caring for Trees is extremely important to ensure their survival.  Watering, insect and disease management and weed and moisture management and winter care are all important components to a healthy tree planting.  


Here are some tips for helping you manage your trees. 

Here are some common issues currently with trees.

For the past twenty years, the District has offered low-cost seedling trees and shrubs, technical assistance and planting services to encourage the establishment of conservation tree plantings such as shelterbelts, field or livestock windbreaks, living snow fences and/or wildlife habitat areas.

Please review this document for information on our products and services.


Click here to view a windbreak planting checklist, a list of contractors for site prep, a list of suppliers for drip irrigation, and a list of drip irrigation installation contractors. 

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