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The Laramie County Conservation District Celebrates Groundbreaking for New Headquarters Building

Laramie County Conservation District (LCCD) employees took part in a groundbreaking ceremony on April 8, 2021 in the Cheyenne Business Parkway (CBP) for the new LCCD headquarters building.  The LCCD was deeded 3.35 acres of commercial property by LEADS of Cheyenne in exchange for the management and maintenance of the Natural Area adjacent to its new property. The agreement opened an avenue to purposefully save for over a decade, to erect a conservation headquarters.  The LCCD agreed this opportunity would benefit both parties and the community in multiple ways.  The Natural Area will become a grand-scale showcase of numerous Best Management Practices (BMPs) derived from natural resource programs within the LCCD. Completion of the new LCCD headquarters is slated for February 2022.

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The Laramie County Conservation District Office remains locked to the public.

The LCCD office is locked to the public to protect employees and prevent COVID-19 spread in Laramie County. Meetings with specific staff members may occur outside the building provided appointments are made, masks are worn, and federal, state, and county health department recommendations are observed.

LCCD staff are still at work and will continue to serve Laramie County residents while following federal, state, and county health department guidelines.

Please call the office (307-772-2600) prior to visiting.

Thank you for your understanding.

Seedling Tree Care

Seedling Tree Care

     If you have a second or third grader at home, chances are your child brought home a seedling tree last week. That seedling tree is a Ponderosa Pine tree (Pinus ponderosa). Under ideal conditions, Ponderosa Pine trees grow to 100 feet tall and have a 60 foot spread. In Laramie County, our Ponderosa Pine trees top out at 40 feet tall and have a spread limited to about 15 feet. These trees are great for Laramie County as they have excellent drought resistance and cold hardiness.

To make sure your tree grows to its greatest potential, there are considerations to be made and steps that need to be taken.


  1. Plan where to plant your tree. Make sure your tree is planted away from overhead powerlines and streetlamps to prevent harmful topping of your tree should it grow too tall.
  2. Also make sure to plant at least 40 feet away from any structures to prevent your tree from growing into the structure and damage from strong windstorms.
  3. Keep in mind of the view the tree may block intentionally or accidently as well as the possibility of drifting snow and the shading of other plants.


  1. Dig a hole as big around and deep as the roots are long.
  2. Gently remove the tree from its plastic tube.
  3. Place the tree in the center of the hole at a depth where the soil at the top of the roots is at ground level.
  4. Fill in the hole with the removed soil making sure to break up any hard clumps of soil before gently pressing the soil around the soil to remove air pockets.
  5. Give the tree about a gallon of water. Let the water soak in and test the soil for its ability to form a ball or ribbon. This will indicate when enough water has been added.

Future Care

  1. Remove all plants within a two foot radius of the tree.
  2. Apply mulch to limit future weed growth and to help with water retention.
  3. Do not fertilize the tree for at least one year. After one year use only slow-release fertilizers.
National Stewardship Week - April 25th to May 2nd

National Stewardship week is right around the corner and the National Association of Conservation Districts has tons of great ways to celebrate including a super fun poster contest for K-12 students. Click the following links for more information: To email the National Association of Conservation Districts use [email protected] and to gain access to educational materials use

Continue reading below to find out more about stewardship education and the upcoming poster contest. Be sure to contact our Education Specialist, Paul Sandler, at 307-772-2600 or [email protected] to enter the poster contest!



2020 Laramie County Conservation District Report on Progress

The 2020 Laramie County Conservation District Report on Progress is now available. Please click the following link to read about all of the amazing accomplishments the Laramie County Conservation District has completed over the past year. 2020 LCCD Report on Progress.

*(Updated 4/19/2021)* Tree Screens are Sold Out

Our tree protectors have sold out. An updated announcement will be made once they become available. For alternative forms of tree protection, please call the office at 307-772-2600 or email our Tree Specialist, Clark Young at [email protected] or Tree Technician Dale Beranek at [email protected].

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