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How to protect your evergreens this Fall!

Fall is a great time to prepare your evergreen trees and shrubs for the soon to arrive harsh Wyoming winter winds. One solutions for protection is to add an anti-transpirant or anti-desiccant to the foliage of the tree.

What is an anti-transpirant or anti-desiccant spray?

Anti-transpirants/desiccants are a polymer or pine oil that you spray on evergreen species to prevent moisture loss through evaporation. Once the product is applied, it dries to a clear transparent and flexible protective coating that will not interfere with growth, or the photosynthesis process.

Product should be applied after the first wet snow, commonly after Halloween, and reapplied in January/February if wet snow has been observed.  Application should be applied when above 40 degrees with plenty of time to dry.  There are many brands of anti-transpirants/descciants on the market.   Gordon’s/Trans Film and Wilt-Pruf are the local products to be found.  Follow the label on the bottle for manufactures recommended application.

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Tree Protectors/wind screens are currently unavailable. LCCD will update information here.

Tree protectors/wind screens are not currently being made.  They are made by the honor farm in Newcastle, WY.  Due to COVID & workers being called out to fires, they are not in production.

For alternative forms of tree protection, please call the office at 307-772-2600 or email our Tree Specialist, Clark Young at [email protected] or Tree Technician Dale Beranek at [email protected].

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