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Partners in Conservation Awards 2020

Every year the Laramie County Conservation District likes to recognize the folks who promote conservation in Laramie County. This year’s winners are Nancy Loomis, Jennifer Wolfe, Christine Bronder, and Mindy Meade. Each of our awards recipients have shown excellence through cooperative projects and continued support through the utilization of the conservation district’s educational and technical resources. Continue reading to learn more about our fantastic friends in conservation.

Nancy Loomis - Outstanding Water Resource Conservation Partner

Nancy Loomis single-handedly initiated the West Edge District Community Wildlife Habitat Project, a National Wildlife Federation program, right here in Cheyenne. The focus of this program was to develop habitat for wildlife species in and around urban areas with an emphasis in promoting native pollinators and pollinator plant species. Nancy is also a well-known Master Gardener within the Cheyenne area who has been focusing on everything to do about native plants: germination, soil and eco-type preferences, and seed collection.

Nancy first introduced herself to the District in 2016 desiring for us to help her secure grants for some habitat projects in town. We were approved for a Wyoming Department of Agriculture grant that provided the funding to completely convert the Laramie County Library’s storm detention pond into a pollinator’s utopia.  Nancy was instrumental in heading up communications with the library, leading the research and design, and most of all, the coordination of implementation and volunteer management.

Nancy really shined when it came to the implementation portion of the project. Her dedication was beyond normal volunteering. For example, Nancy took off the last half of May from running her private business so that she could see the design become a reality during the spring planting. She spent at least 20 hours per week weeding both the library project and the City’s Civic Commons. She led a Master Gardener crew from May through October that logged over 1100 hours of volunteering.

Nancy truly puts her heart and soul into her commitments and is driven to see them completed. Her love of learning may only be out competed by her delight in adventure, especially to places far away from Cheyenne. The District is truly thankful for her dedication to conservation in our urban bounds of Cheyenne, providing amazing habitats for the citizens of the City while conserving its water. Thank you Nancy Loomis, a Conservation Partner in 2020.

She was a stern commander, wielding a heavy stick, but was always found in the trenches pulling weeds with the rest of the slave labor. She was known to beat the slaves insisting the beatings would not stop until there was a change in attitude from her perennial pollinator-burdened prisoners. Fear was not in her vocabulary especially when crossing the rustic bridges of Morgan County, Colorado- paths to far away nurseries. Decision making was absolute with Nancy, no wavering. She never bent the knee to any nonsensical tulip requests. She had no use for herbicides, other than maybe to quench a thirst. No, her desire was to stubbornly pull weeds, demanding they submit their roots to her authority.

Jennifer Wolfe - Outstanding Water Resource Conservation Partner

Jennifer was a mainstay in the Laramie County Library Pollinator Garden this year. Her dedication to the project was exemplary and proven by logging at least 14 hours per week to the implementation and maintenance of the site. We could always count on Jennifer for live entertainment during the work sessions. Jennifer continuously presented creative ideas for more diversity in the pollinator planting. She really loves her colors!

Jennifer is a Master Gardener whose interests lie in creating colorful wildlife friendly gardens.  She is exceptionally helpful with the Latin names of our selected species when most of us were getting tongue-tied with the common names. She also had a keen eye for weeds, attacking with a vengeance once the “bad” annuals were properly identified. Jennifer’s only struggle was new weeding techniques, especially when those dandelions were staring her in the face, but she was always willing to help no matter what technique was employed.

Christine Bronder - Outstanding Outreach and Education Conservation Partner

Christine has worked consistently with the Laramie County Conservation District over the past four years to help bring conservation and natural resources into her third grade classroom. By working with the Laramie County Conservation District, Christine has brought life to her lessons both literally and figuratively through the incubating, hatching, and brooding of upland gamebirds, presentations from district staff about Wyoming wildlife, and fun, hands-on activities like learning about erosion with our stream trailer.

Throughout the years, Christine has always presented an excitement for learning and an eagerness to share her knowledge with others. She also has an amazing drive to keep education going outside of her classroom as she had done with this year’s quail hatching project by having everything set up in her home and broadcasting the whole process to her students virtually. With all of these wonderful qualities, the Laramie County Conservation District is proud to award Christine with our Education Partner in Conservation Award for 2020.

Mindy Meade - Outstanding Natural Resource Conservation Partner

Mindy is an outstanding employee of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service – Partners for Wildlife Program who seeks to do nothing but good for habitat in the state of Wyoming.  Anyone who has worked with Mindy, knows that she works tirelessly to accomplish those goals that are important to all of us in the conservation world. Partners for Fish and Wildlife is a perfect agency for Mindy because she has an exceptional ability to collaborate and negotiate an agreement that will benefit both the landowner’s operation and those species or habitats requiring attention.

Mindy has been an exceptional partner for the Laramie County Conservation District. No one has dedicated more blood, sweat, and tears to our Water and Range & Wildlife Programs. Whether it’s helping to restore streams in Laramie County, creating riparian pastures, or looking to create places for ducks to land, Mindy has the drive and compassion to get it done. She works unselfishly, mostly behind the curtain, and is hardly ever recognized for her accomplishments. She is a ball to be around because of her energy, positive mindset, patience and relentless pursuit of a great project. We are joyed to call her our friend and wish to honor her with a well overdue Conservation Partner award in 2020.   Thanks Partner!

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The Laramie County Conservation District, Farm Service Agency, and Natural Resources Conservation Service offices will be closed Monday, January 18th for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. We plan to reopen on Tuesday, January 19th at 7:30 am. If you have questions on that day, please leave a message at 307-772-2600 or email us at [email protected] We will get back to you as soon as we can. 


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2020 Tree Contest Winner

The Laramie County Conservation District would like to congratulate Jon David for being the closest guess in our Tis the Season for Tree Giving contest. Jon David guessed 125,000 ponderosa pine trees. The LCCD has sold 125,325 ponderosa pine trees over the past 18 years. This is just a small portion of the 1,435,881 total trees sold by the LCCD since 1988.

Ponderosa pine trees are native to southeastern Wyoming and are uniquely adapted to our climate being both drought tolerant and fire resistant. For more information on the ponderosa pine and the many other trees species we sell, please contact us at 307-772-2600 or email us at [email protected] We specialize in habitat improvements as well as windbreak designs and living snow fence plantings.


2021 Seedling Tree Order Form

The 2021 Seedling Tree Order Form is now available. Click the following link for a printable form: 2021 Seedling Tree Order Form. The form can be mailed, scanned and emailed, photographed and emailed, or left in our foyer. Cash or check payments can be mailed or left in our foyer, and credit card payments can be made over the phone. Our contact information is:

Phone number: 307-772-2600

Email address: [email protected]

Physical address: 11221 U.S. Highway 30 Cheyenne, WY 82009.

*(Updated 1/8/2021)* Tree Screens are Sold Out

Our tree protectors have sold out once again. An updated announcement will be made once they become available again. For alternative forms of tree protection, please call the office at 307-772-2600 or email Tree Specialist, Clark Young at [email protected] or Tree Technician Dale Beranek at [email protected].

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