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The 2017 Fall Report on Progress is out. (expand to see)

2017 Fall Report on Progress The District has just put to press the 2017 Fall Report on Progress.  Click the link above to view the latest news from the District!

2018 Tree Order Form is available (expand to view)

2018 Tree Order Form The 2018 tree order form is available for ordering trees.  It has been mailed to those on the District mailing list, is available here online, and also in the office.  If you have requested a Wind Break Design from the District, those will be scheduled over the next few months. Orders close March 16, 2018, but it is suggested to order early as last year several species sold out early. Trees will arrive at the District office in April of 2018 for pickup, and plantings will begin in the spring.

Rooted In Cheyenne had a successful planting on Saturday, Sept. 23rd! (Expand for photos)

Laramie County Conservation District was a financial sponsor for this project, and our own Shaun Kirkwood assisted in the planting this past weekend with Cheyenne Urban Forestry.  For more information on the program, go to:  https://rootedincheyenne.com/                       Rooted In Cheyenne-Thank You (click link to read)

Shaun Kirkwood is awarded Area II Employee of the Year for 2017 (expand to view)

Shaun Kirkwood-Area II Employee of the Year 2017-2

The Laramie County Conservation District has employed Shaun Kirkwood since March 1998.  He first was hired to be a member of the district’s tree planting crew, and through his hard work and dedication, became a full-time permanent employee in April 1998, as the district’s Tree Technician.  Upon the retirement of Floyd Ernst, he was promoted to the District Technician, and has learned from the ground up how to design conservation plantings and drip irrigation systems. Since then Shaun has continued to grow and take on additional responsibilities. He has given programs at public events such as the district’s annual tree seminar and the Laramie County Master Gardeners.

In 2015 Shaun was promoted to be the Tree Specialist for the District. He has full responsibility for the tree program and the Living Snow Fence program. Both programs have grown under his leadership. He has also be asked to teach tree programs at the annual district employee Winter Training.

Shaun’s current duties include, designing, installing and maintaining tree plantings, and Living Snow Fences, assisting customers with tree, insect, disease, and weed problems, maintaining district equipment, working with Community Enhancement applicants, assisting with other district programs, and keeping the board informed on progress made.

Shaun is quick to lend a hand on any project, willing to learn new skills, and always ready to adapt to any situation. Shaun is truly an outstanding district employee.


Presenting Shaun his award is Laramie County Board Member, Lindi Kirkbride.  Kathy Cooney also received a 10 year longevity award at the Area II Meeting hosted by Laramie Rivers Conservation District on September 15, 2017.

Services We Provide

  • Implement farm, ranch and forestland conservation practices to protect soil productivity, water quality and quantity, air quality and wildlife habitat;
  • Conserve and restore wetlands, which purify water and provide habitat for birds, fish and numerous other animals;
  • Protect groundwater resources;
  • Assist communities and homeowners to plant trees and other land cover to hold soil in place, clean the air, provide cover for wildlife and beautify neighborhoods;
  • Help developers control soil erosion and protect water and air quality during construction; and
  • Reach out to communities and schools to teach the value of natural resources and encourage conservation efforts.

Nationally and in Wyoming, conservation districts usually operate under the following general policies:

  1. Conservation should be led by local citizens
  2. The final responsibility for conservation lies with the landowner
  3. Landowners have legitimate operating goals
  4. Conservation Districts are responsive to both landowners and operators, and  the community as a whole
  5. The best agricultural land should be maintained for agriculture


Provide Laramie County citizens with the necessary information and technical assistance to support sustainable production from soil and water resources, protect the county’s tax base, control flooding, improve air and water quality, increase wildlife habitat, and protect and promote the health, welfare and safety of Laramie County residents.

We are proud to have been a Sponsor for OUT ON THE LAND.

OUT ON THE LAND airs on Tuesdays at 7:00pm eastern time ( adjust for other time zones) and repeats on Wednesdays at 5:30am ET. To see where you can watch RFD-TV, go to www.rfdtv.com and click on “Find Us: and enter your Zip Code.

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