What We Do

Classroom Education
We teach students in our local schools about caring for our natural resources, including our ecosystems, trees, wildlife, rangeland, groundwater and surface water.  We are also available to help with outdoor education programs including natural resource lessons that have been designed to meet state standards for specific grade level content.

Contests and Fun
We judge local science fairs and hold an annual Natural Resources Poster Contest for local students. We send students to Wyoming Resource Education Days during the summer, and also provide up to $250.00 scholarships for any teacher in Laramie County who wants to attend workshops for outdoor education such as WyRED, Teton Science School Workshops, or Wyoming Ag in the Classroom (WAIC) Workshops.

Our Publications
We publish our Report on Progress and Conservation Corner with important information about conservation for Laramie County residents.

Living Snow Fence
The District works to install Living Snow Fences in Laramie County on county roads and state highways, and we continue to work on additional sites each year.

Range Program
We help land owners with grazing and land management, landscaping, seeding and more.

Seedling Trees & Tree Planting
We provide seedling trees to Laramie County residents at low cost. We’ll help you set up a windbreak or living snow fence, and show you how to improve the survivability and growth of your trees.

We provide technical review of all proposed subdivisions in Laramie County.

Irrigation and Water Use
We help local irrigators and homeowners conserve water and use efficient irrigation techniques, saving them money and conserving our valuable resources.

Wildlife Habitat
We help Laramie County landowners and homeowners establish and maintain wildlife habitat, in both rural and urban settings.

Crow Creek Watershed
We offer valuable information about the current efforts to enhance the completed plan developed for the Crow Creek Watershed.

Specialty Trainings

We offer trainings ranging from range health and monitoring to structure pruning and planting techniques for trees. If your organization is interested in one of these training or other possible trainings that may fall under the conservation umbrella, please contact Rex Lockman – Range and Wildlife, Jeff Geyer – Water, Clark Young – Trees, Paul Sandler – Education.


The District offers one-on-one consultations with our range specialist – Rex Lockman, and tree specialist – Clark Young to address concerns and questions about your range and tree health.

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