Shaun Kirkwood – District Manager  Responsible for management in achieving conservation goals and objectives within the conservation district of Laramie County.  Provides day to day management functions of the district, and the coordination, organization and timelines of conservation programs between staff and Board of Supervisors.E-Mail Shaun
Rex Lockman – Wildlife & Range Specialist Responsible for managing the District’s Wildlife and Range Management programs.  Provides technical assistance to landowners on grazing management, grass seeding recommendations, weed issues, problem wildlife, and wildlife habitat improvement.   E-Mail Rex
 Jeff Geyer –  Water Specialist Responsible for conserving, enhancing and sustaining Laramie County’s surface and groundwater resources through the promotion of healthy watersheds and sustainable use of water supplies.  Responsible for implementing water quality monitoring and BMPs, stream and riparian improvements, aquifer recharge opportunities, and water developments or rehabilitations using grant opportunities or other means. E-mail Jeff 
Paul Sandler- Education Specialist Responsible for educating and informing Laramie County residents about the responsible use and care of their natural resources through classroom visits, field trips, community presentations, and public events. Also helps to promote public awareness of all District programs and announcements through print, radio, television, and social media platforms.  E-mail Paul 
 Clark Young – Tree Specialist Responsible for managing the District’s Seedling Tree and Living Snow Fence programs.  Responsible for community tree health, Living Snow Fence funding, windbreak designs, and other program areas. E-Mail Clark
Dale Beranek – Tree Technician Responsible for Living Snow Fence establishment and maintenance of District tree planting projects.  Responsible for establishment of seedling tree and shrub plantings.  Responsible for designing windbreaks and other program areas. E-Mail Dale
Kathy Cooney – Financial Coordinator Responsible for the District’s accounts payables/receivables, payroll, monthly budget reports, assists with annual audit, and is the office receptionist . E-Mail Kathy    



The Laramie County Conservation District’s five-member volunteer Board of Supervisors is the key to the District’s success. Each board member serves a four year term. The Board is comprised of three rural (living outside of a municipality,) one urban (living inside of a municipality,) and one at-large (either rural or urban) member. The residents of Laramie County elect the board members during the general election.

The Board sets policy for LCCD programs and projects to give direction to the staff of resource experts that carry out the day-to-day activities. The Board welcomes public input and meets at the Conservation District office the third Thursday of each month at 4 pm.  To review the most recently approved minutes, click on the link below:

Sept. 19, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes Aug. 15, 2019

 Tom Farrell – Chairman (Urban) Responsible for water quality and water quantity issues. Term of office: 2017-2020
Kevin Wells – Vice Chairman/Treasurer (Rural) Responsible for wildlife and range, and employee issues. Term of office: 2017-2020


VACANT – Treasurer (At-Large) Responsible for administration and employee issues. Term of office: 2017-2020



Ann Sanchez – Secretary (Rural) Responsible for education and public relations.  Term of office: 2019-2022
Jay Berry – Member (Rural) Responsible for tree issues. Term of office: 2019-2022

Associate Supervisors

In addition to elected Board of Supervisors, Associate Supervisors are appointed by the Board to provide additional expertise and assistance. Jim Cochran and Keith Schoene Assists with conservation plans.





































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