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No Need To Spray The District is not recommending spraying for beetles as of Spring of 2014. Thanks in large part to the aggressive measures by homeowners, the District has not seen a new Mountain Pine Beetle tree in the Cheyenne area for over two years.  There is no need to spray for Mountain Pine Beetle this year. While the Emerald Ash Borer has been identified in Boulder, Colorado, none have been seen in Wyoming.  Until they pose more of a threat in the area, the District does not recommend spraying or other insecticide applications for them. The District has also not seen new infections of the Spruce ips Beetle recently, therefore, spraying spruce is not necessary. While the aggressive spraying has limited the  damage to trees, spraying is detrimental to other insects.  The spray kills every insect in the tree and the drift kills adjacent beneficial insects.  Spraying should be only as necessary to limit damage to beneficial insects.

Laramie County Conservation District thanks voters for their support in the renewal of the 1/2 mill levy on November 8th. The Laramie County Conservation District has requested the same 1/2 mill levy tax from Laramie County voters since 1988. Although under Wyoming’s State Statute conservation districts can request up to 1 mill levy, the district strives to continue to request only a 1/2 mill levy and supplement that base local tax funding with state and federal dollars for critical conservation programs. The following calculates the annual conservation tax on a home worth $219,070.00, fair value of house/property:

Level of assessment x .095         Assessed valuation $20,811.65                     1/2 mill x .0005 Annual Conservation tax = $ 10.41                        Cost Per Month $ 0.87

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