The Laramie County Conservation District receives a large portion of it’s funding for the  budget through a voter approved 1/2-mill levy which equates to approximately over $800,000 each year. The District’s Board of Supervisors choose to go on the ballot every four years to give the Laramie County voters the option of continuing the District’s mill levy funding. The District’s 1/2 mill levy was first approved in 1988 and every 4 years since inception.

Mill Levy Funding

This core local funding provides additional funding sources to match grants, agreements and sales from the District’s programs.  These other sources bring over $300,000 into Laramie County for important natural resource conservation programs.

According to Cheyenne Board of Realtors, the average price of a single residential family home in 2015 was $219,070.00. The following example calculates the annual conservation tax on a home worth $219,070.00:

$ 219,070 Fair value of house/property
x .095 Level of assessment
$ 20,811.65 Assessed valuation
x .0005 1/2 mill
$ 10.41 Annual conservation tax/$.87 a month



Each year, the Board of Supervisors reviews the programs and activities of the Conservation District and determines a budget necessary to carry out the District’s mission.  Preparation of the District’s budget is in accordance with state statute and submitted to the Laramie County Commissioners, Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts and Wyoming Department of Agriculture.  The firm of Rickards, Long & Rulon,  LLP., conducted a full audit on the District’s accounting records from fiscal year 2016-2017 in August 2017.

The District is committed to being accountable with public funds.  If you have further questions on the District’s budget, finances, or would like to see a copy of any of our annual audit reports or budgets, please feel free to contact Jim Cochran, District Manager, at (307) 772-2600.


The District’s FY 2017 -2018 Budget Is:

Beginning Cash On Hand – July 1, 2017 $200,000
Wildlife & Range $0
Seedling Tree Program $140,500
Living Snow Fence Program $48,000
Water Program $41,941
Mill Levy $845,000
Information/Education Program $0
Miscellaneous $16,323
TOTAL INCOME $1,291,764
Administrative Personnel $163,978
Board Expense $16,300
Capital Outlay $95,554
Dues Expense $16,275
Information/Education Program $89,387
Insurance $8,849
Living Snow Fence Program $138,729
Office Expenses $16,900
Professional Fees $23,260
Rent/Building Maintenance $500
Seedling Tree Program $200,437
Special Projects $9,000
Water Program $89,596
 Wildlife & Range Program $101,999
 Building Costs  $1,000
 Expense Subtotal $970,763
 Reserve Accounts $320,000
 TOTAL EXPENSE  $1,291,764
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