The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a bright green, invasive beetle that targets Ash trees (Fraxinus family) for completing its life cycle. When the beetle infests a tree, it lays its eggs on the bark where they then hatch and the larva eat the inner bark of the tree. This eventually kills the tree. This beetle has been spreading across the United States of America and has most recently been found in Fort Collins, Colorado. With that in mind, it is only a matter of time before EAB is found in Laramie County.

To better identify and monitor the Ash trees in Cheyenne, the Laramie County Conservation District has partnered with the Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division to provide Laramie County Residents with information to identify their trees and determine if an evaluation is needed. Please keep in mind that evaluations can only be made after the tree has fully leafed out. This may take until August due to the drastic temperature fluctuations we have experienced in the past year. If you have questions or concerns please call the Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division at 307- 637-6428 if you live within the Cheyenne city limits, or the Laramie County Conservation District at 307-772-2600 if you live elsewhere in Laramie County. For more information, feel free to click the links below.

Ash Tree Evaluation

CSFS EAB Quick Guide

EAB Decision Guide

EAB Homeowner Insecticide Sheet

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