Each year, the Laramie County Conservation District accepts proposals for community enhancement projects.  Profits from the District’s Seedling Tree Program provide funding to community groups and organizations for natural resource projects that will improve the environment and natural beauty of Laramie County.

Proposal Guidelines Funding is available from the Laramie County Conservation District to assist in the implementation of natural resource projects not to exceed $1,000 per project.  All proposals submitted must identify at least 20% in matching funds.  This match can be either project installation labor and/or materials but not maintenance labor or materials.  In addition, the district offers design assistance free of charge. Proposals can be submitted by either individuals or groups but must be for projects that will benefit the community at large, and on land that is accessible to the public.  Projects selected for funding are implemented the following spring.

Types of Projects Funded The program encourages projects that benefit the public as a whole.  Examples include: * Tree plantings in public parks and along the Cheyenne Greenway * Church and cemetery plantings * Boy, Girl and Eagle Scout projects * School improvement projects * Non-profit organization projects In the past, the emphasis has been on tree plantings.  The District also encourages project proposals for xeriscape, wetland improvement or development, urban and wildlife habitat, or any other project that would conserve or improve natural resources.

Please note:  A sign reading “Conservation Tax Dollars at Work”  will be installed at each Community Enhancement Program site that is approved for funding. For further information on how to submit a proposal, contact the Conservation District by calling 772-2600, or e-mail us for information.  For an informational flyer on how to submit your proposal, Community Enhancement Flyer 2019-2020. Projects installed Spring of 2019.  Applications (sample application- Community Enhancement Application Form) are due in the office by Sept. 13, 2019.

Projects Installed Spring of 2018

  • Laramie Co. School Dist. #1 & Dist. #2-Provided an evergreen tree to each 2nd Grader, a total of 1,530 trees were distributed.
  • Bureau of Land Management Employee Group received funding to purchase and plant 10 trees along the Greenway north of the BLM Building.
  • Rooted In Cheyenne – $1,000 donation in support of their program.
  • Curt Gowdy Trout Unlimited Chapter received funding to purchase equipment to host fly fishing and fly tying clinics.

Projects Installed Spring of 2017

  • Laramie Co. School Dist. #1 & Dist. #2-Provided an evergreen tree to each 2nd Grader, a total of 1,471 trees were distributed.
  • Laramie County Fire Dist. #10 – Installed 3 tree rows south of fire station on Harriman Road.
  • Town of Pine Bluffs – Donated $4,000.00 toward the purchase of new trees to replace those damaged in the hail storm for the City Park.

Projects Installed Spring of 2016

  • Laramie Co. School Dist. #1-Provided an evergreen tree to each 2nd grader & Laramie Co. School Dist. #2-an evergreen to all K-6 graders.
  • Laramie Co. Public Works-Planted trees at the Clear Creek Park.
  • Cheyenne Greenway Foundation-Replaced 2 trees & purchased additional trees for greenway along N. College Dr.
  • Afflerbach Elementary School-Installed 3 tree rows east of the elementary.
  • Carpenter Elementary PTO-planted a tree row around the perimeter of school property.
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