About Us

Tree Programs

For the past twenty years, the Laramie County Conservation District has offered low-cost seedling trees and shrubs, technical assistance and information to Laramie County citizens in an effort to encourage the establishment of conservation tree plantings such as shelterbelts, field or livestock windbreaks, living snow fences and/or wildlife habitat areas.

Water Programs

The purpose of the District’s Water Program is to conserve, enhance and sustain Laramie County’s surface and groundwater resources through the promotion of healthy watersheds and sustainable use of water supplies.

Wildlife | Range Programs

The District’s Wildlife Program provides opportunities for Laramie County landowners to establish wildlife habitat. The District offers technical assistance to address various land management concerns of owners with both small acreages and larger operations.

Classroom Education

We teach students in our local schools about caring for our natural resources, including our ecosystems, trees, wildlife, rangeland, groundwater and surface water.  We are also available to help with outdoor education programs including natural resource lessons that have been designed to meet state standards for specific grade level content. Click here to learn more.

Contests and Fun

We judge local science fairs and hold an annual Natural Resources Poster Contest for local students. We send students to Wyoming Resource Education Days during the summer, and also provide up to $250.00 scholarships for any teacher in Laramie County who wants to attend workshops for outdoor education such as WyRED, Teton Science School Workshops, or Wyoming Ag in the Classroom (WAIC) Workshops. Click here to learn more.

Specialty Trainings

We offer trainings ranging from range health and monitoring to structure pruning and planting techniques for trees. If your organization is interested in one of these training or other possible trainings that may fall under the conservation umbrella, please contact Rex Lockman – Range and Wildlife, Jeff Geyer – Water, Clark Young – Trees, Paul Sandler – Education. Click here for contact information.


The District offers one-on-one consultations with our range specialist – Rex Lockman, and tree specialist – Clark Young to address concerns and questions about your range and tree health. Click here for contact information.

Mission Statement

Provide Laramie County citizens with the necessary information and technical assistance to support sustainable production from soil and water resources, protect the county’s tax base, control flooding, improve air and water quality, increase wildlife habitat, and protect and promote the health, welfare and safety of Laramie County residents.

  • Implement farm, ranch and forestland conservation practices to protect soil productivity, water quality and quantity, air quality and wildlife habitat;
  • Conserve and restore wetlands, which purify water and provide habitat for birds, fish and numerous other animals;
  • Protect groundwater resources;
  • Assist communities and homeowners to plant trees and other land cover to hold soil in place, clean the air, provide cover for wildlife and beautify neighborhoods;
  • Help developers control soil erosion and protect water and air quality during construction; and
  • Reach out to communities and schools to teach the value of natural resources and encourage conservation efforts.

Nationally and in Wyoming, conservation districts usually operate under the following general policies:

  1. Conservation should be led by local citizens
  2. The final responsibility for conservation lies with the landowner
  3. Landowners have legitimate operating goals
  4. Conservation Districts are responsive to both landowners and operators, and  the community as a whole
  5. The best agricultural land should be maintained for agriculture.

"The History of Conservation Districts"

by NACD (a short video of how conservation districts were formed)

Past, Present and Future of Conservation Districts

Click on the link above to view a short 10 minute documentary on the history of Conservation Districts!

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